Honest Critiques

No, I mean it. REAL honest. Email your excerpts or full stories, up to 1000 words or so, to honestcrits [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk. Synopses would also be welcome. My backlog is so daunting now that I recommend not submitting anything you are not prepared to wait a couple of months for a response on.
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  • Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    Here you go: the top of the queue.

    1. "Refugee" - Joyce
    2. "Filling the Gap" - Richard
    3. "Insight" - Diana
    4. "The Blood of Queens" - Valerie
    5. "The Walmart Way" - Julie
    6. "Hippie Chick's Life Lessons Learned" - Rene
    7. "One for the Ages" - Leo
    8. "Osama's Dream" - Richard
    9. "Joffa" - Suzanne
    10. "An End to Longing" - Stephen

    Torgo, 11:43 pm


    Thanks, Torgo. That's a great help. I'll look forward to your comments.
    Blogger Stephen Newton, at 11:59 pm  
    Cool. I'll keep checking back. :)
    Anonymous David McAfee, at 12:59 am  
    This top ten is for which months? Thanks.
    Anonymous Anonymous, at 10:45 pm  
    Yea, Torgo's back in the saddle!
    Blogger Bonnie Calhoun, at 4:06 am  
    Can't wait - I'll keep checking - I appreciate your time - I know you do have a lie and work and this is so very kind of you to offer us fledglings help.
    Anonymous Joyce Wakefield, at 7:09 am  
    Uh, previous post should have read life - not lie - sorry - new keyboard! Joyce
    Anonymous Joyce Wakefield, at 7:11 am  
    Oops, seems like "The Blood of Queens" got withdrawn and replaced with something else, so I'll update that when I get a mo.
    Blogger Torgo, at 1:07 pm  
    Oh, cool. I'm so glad you got my replacement email and were able to connect it with my original submission.

    You're doubly wonderful for going out of your way to make the switch.


    Anonymous Valerie, at 1:42 am  
    But but but... I wanted to read the Blood of Queens one. It was one of those stories that haunted me from the Online Writing Workshop and I always wanted to know what happened.

    Uh, hi Valerie! How's it going?
    Anonymous Melissa Siah, at 6:09 am  

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