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No, I mean it. REAL honest. Email your excerpts or full stories, up to 1000 words or so, to honestcrits [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk. Synopses would also be welcome. My backlog is so daunting now that I recommend not submitting anything you are not prepared to wait a couple of months for a response on.
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  • Sunday, December 04, 2005

    See you in two weeks

    I'm now on holiday for a fortnight - have a great time, everyone, and see you later.
    Torgo, 12:15 am


    Fortnight - Brit speak for two weeks.
    Blogger Brady Westwater, at 5:21 am  
    Happy Holidays!
    Blogger Sam, at 12:37 pm  
    Happy Holidays???? What holiday is this early?

    Have a great time. Get some well deserved rest.

    Can I assume that the book was completed?
    Blogger Bonnie Calhoun, at 4:10 pm  
    Have fun! Just checking in to see whatcha been up to.
    Blogger M. C. Pearson, at 4:26 am  
    Luke is now in business with the magician and he has two tons of gumballs in his garage. Call me. mother.
    Anonymous mother, at 9:36 pm  

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