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  • Thursday, January 26, 2006

    Number One Fan

    Hello there.

    This is the condensed version, as I am in an internet cafe and paying through the nose for the bandwidth. Couple of weeks back the fan that cools my computer's CPU wheezed fatally to a stop, and required replacing. I've only just managed to retrieve or reset all my various passwords - getting into my email has been an absolute pain in the Rumsfeld - so can post for the first time in ages. Tomorrow, with any luck, I get the PC back from the shop and will poke about to see if all my data's intact. Here's hoping...
    Torgo, 6:48 pm


    yikes, that sucks. hope everything's ok. It should be as long as it was just a cooling fan. Hope everything else is ok as well.
    Blogger Phoenix, at 9:49 pm  
    He's ALIVE!
    Blogger kitty, at 10:49 pm  
    Get yourself a flash drive. Mine is excellent. I find that I can backup in just a minute or two all of the files I don't want to lose and that I can plug my flash drive into other computers and it uploads its drivers automatically so I can then access my files without carrying my computer around. Then if the computer dies, which has happened to me before, I'll be ready to transfer everything in only a matter of minutes. They're getting really cheap now, too.
    Blogger Dave Kuzminski, at 10:57 pm  
    Those sound wonderful...I'm still E-mailing myself revisions of my novel, so I can access it anywhere if my computer breaks down.
    Blogger Elektra, at 12:57 am  
    Practical question: if we've sent stuff in, and changed/improved it quite a bit since we did, can we re-send it?
    Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:47 am  
    sorry your computer is under the weather, but woohoo you live! we happy!
    Blogger McKoala, at 4:49 am  
    Ah, Torgo, the delights of modern technology.
    Anonymous Ann Casey, at 6:54 pm  
    Yipeee!!! You ARE alive!!!The prodigious son returns! The Easter Island thingy got mad again and took a hike!

    Elektra, flash drives are definitely the way to go! Try Circuit City or Radio Shack!
    Blogger Bonnie Calhoun, at 2:59 am  
    Hey, lookee there, he's back.

    Elektra, I just found out you're 19. Good for you, making such progress at that wonderful age.

    Welcome back, Torgo. I'd suggest a new computer. Bonnie, apparently, has some money she might share?

    Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:37 am  
    What's a... Torgo?
    Blogger Brady Westwater, at 8:12 am  
    Thanks, Diana; I've been thinking, hough, since that post on Miss Snark's blog--writing when you're young is nothing. I've no responsibilities outside of class. It's the moms with three kids and a house to run who can still find time to write that impress me.
    Blogger Elektra, at 8:59 am  
    I'll fly over and hold a desk fan to your CPU if it means you'll come back to us
    Blogger Elektra, at 11:11 pm  
    I'll channel my inner Spaniard and wave a few fans, flamenco style.
    Blogger McKoala, at 3:32 am  
    I'll dance naked and flap my hands.
    Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:48 am  
    I hope to hear the puter is going to be OK - Hate it when they sputter out like that.
    Loved that last marketing post and have been popping in to see if there were any more (hopeful voice - can you hear it?)
    Blogger Sam, at 9:21 am  
    When you're back online, I would be interested in hearing your perspective about the controversary surrounding James Frey's book, "A Million Little Pieces."
    Blogger Stephen Newton, at 4:28 pm  

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