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  • Monday, September 12, 2005

    "Seven weeks of emotional turmoil"

    Well, Ian said it right when he said 'I hae ma doots'. I've just sat, pinned to my seat, through five days of the most brilliant cricket - and of course through a five-match series of the finest cricket I have ever seen. To see Shane Warne and Glenn McGrath at their peaks, matched and outdone by Flintoff, Pietersen, Vaughan, Giles - it's been heart-stopping, terrifying, and finally joyful stuff. As Andrew Strauss put it: seven weeks of emotional turmoil.

    Americans might not get what the fuss is all about - well, in baseball terms this was like Babe Ruth's Zombie All-Stars vs Ming the Merciless for the fate of the human race.

    And we won.

    We won the Ashes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There, that's my quota of exclamation marks for this month...

    So: I have two pieces almost done, and I'll post those tomorrow come rain hail sleet or snow. I'm sorry to keep everyone waiting, and to have been somewhat dilatory while the cricket's been on, and while the Sales Conference was pressing on me in my day job. (It went really well, by the way.) Normal service will be resumed this week.

    To those people who have emailed asking where they are in the queue - I don't want to get into a habit of emailing people back on this issue, but the queue at present will keep me busy now for the next three weeks or so before it's cleared, so that's the longest you will have to wait. I still need to mop up a few people who have been waiting for four weeks - thank you very much for your patience.

    Right. I'm off to the pub. See you all tomorrow.
    Torgo, 6:57 pm


    Hearty congrats on winning the Ashes! Babe Ruth Zombies... a fascinating concept. Drink one at the pub for me!

    I continue to enjoy your commentary. Thank you for being so insightful -- and willing to share! :-)
    Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:23 pm  
    Ah hah! I knew there was a bug match in there somewhere. You were accurate about it though...It wasn't reruns :-) Keep tippin' up that elbow and your head's going to hurt too much to focus on a bright computer screen. Have fun! Celebration is good for the soul!
    Blogger Bonnie Calhoun, at 11:06 pm  
    The streets of Australia are running with tears.

    Ah, well, we could do with the water in this drought parched land. Every cloud.
    Anonymous Koala, at 12:39 am  
    My dear Koala. How lucky you are in your cricketers. What a privilege it has been to see Warne and McGrath again. I'm sorry there had to be a loser; and infinitely glad that just for once it wasn't us.

    See you in two years' time...
    Blogger Torgo, at 1:07 am  
    That's amazing...cricketers is really a word. I can't twist my tongue around that without a serious sprain!
    Blogger Bonnie Calhoun, at 2:36 am  
    Hey Torgo fine job on your boys!!!!!!! But I am and have been a Boston Red Sox fan for 45 years, last Sept. and Oct. well, I finally caught up on my sleep in November. I emphazise only too well.
    Anonymous Ann Casey, at 3:05 am  

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