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  • Wednesday, August 17, 2005

    Lucky Thirteen

    The Irrelevant Easter Island Statue must have some sorcerous power of attraction, judging by the fact that I've just got home to find thirteen new bits of writing in my inbox. Among them are a short story or two, a children's book, some Celtic fantasy, and this: "At last here is an erotic novel that dispenses traditional notions of a virgin/whore dichotomy, assumptions about dancing folk and people who like to wear black. A frank testimony, full of wonderment for experiences supremely felt and a place where all the songs of Courtney Love finally make sense." Blimey.
    Torgo, 6:36 pm


    I'm betting you're going to get deluged in the near future.

    I (and I hope I speak for everyone else) want to hear about the last one. What exactly are the traditional assumptions about dancing folk?

    Other than the dancing, and the folkiness.
    Anonymous Casaubon, at 8:56 pm  
    When the writer says that his (or her) novel 'dispenses traditional notions of a virgin/whore dichotomy' do you think they mean you put a coin in and a traditional whore/virgin dichotomy falls out of the slot?

    Or perhaps there should be a 'with' somewhere in that sentence.
    Blogger Zolah, at 9:27 pm  
    No, sometimes you get an assumption about dancing folk, and sometimes you get a person wearing black. It's like a lucky dip.
    I'm always hoping for a tiny plastic troll doll for a charm bracelet, but they don't make those anymore.
    Blogger Barbara, at 10:47 pm  
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    Anonymous Harvey Goggans, at 4:55 pm  

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